August 9, 2015

Yesterday evening we arrived in Agra. We drove all the way so we got to see a lot of small villages and women in vibrant Rajasthani colors. But today…today was the day I had been waiting for since I found out the India study abroad trip was even a thing. We were going to see the crown jewel of India, the Taj Mahal. We went at 5:30 in the morning for sunrise and we all dressed Indian for this very special occasion. I wore a bright yellow outfit 🙂 The Taj was right down the road from our hotel, so the anticipation was brewing. As we approached the main gate, I was so pumped. As soon as we stepped in the archway, I saw it in the distance. And oh my God was it an amazing sight. I could not believe I was actually at the Taj Mahal!!! It was magnificent, in every sense of the word. This was sooo worth waiting for, a great grand finale for the entire trip. Seeing the Taj with my own eyes was everything I imagined and so much more. Being so early in the morning, it was very foggy and hazy so it was very mysterious in it’s unique way. It’s hard to fully describe what I was feeling or just how beautiful it was without actually being there in person. We got amazing pictures the whole way up as we got closer and closer. It just got more spectacular the closer we got. We put our little booties on before walking onto the Taj to protect it’s beauty. I just stood and looked up and couldn’t even see the top. This is what I was waiting for. And it wouldn’t be complete unless I actually touched the Taj with my own hands. As we toured through, we couldn’t take any pictures. But that’s ok, because it’s something so calming and eery at the same time you simply have to experience it yourself. We saw the tombs and all the beautiful detail, and a chill came over me at just how powerful this place was. Everything about the Taj Mahal was incredible and as the sun started to peek out it only got more beautiful. Later that evening some of us went to see the Agra Fort across the river from the Taj. It was beautiful and very regal with all the details and inlay stones all throughout the walls. And of course, we got to take in the Taj one more time before we left 🙂 This was nothing less than unbelievable and a great way to end the trip of a lifetime. Tomorrow we would be leaving and back on our way to the states. This entire trip changed my life and opened my eyes to a whole different world in so many ways. I can only skim the surface on talking about what I saw to other people, but it’s my experience. And nobody can take that away from me and the things I saw for myself. I learned so much about myself and other people too. Choosing to study abroad on this trip was the best decision I ever made. My advice to you is take everything you can all the time. Every chance, opportunity, risk, adventure, because you will walk out a different person. Farewell India, you will always have a place in my heart ❤

The best picture of the entire trip!
The best picture of the entire trip!

IMG_0527 IMG_0541 IMG_0568 IMG_0573 IMG_4712 IMG_0619 IMG_0632 IMG_0644


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