July 31, 2015

Today we took a 5 hour train ride from Delhi to our next city, Amritsar. We got to cruise through a little bit of rural India and the sights out the window were totally different than in Delhi. There was a lot of field-like land and rice patties where we saw women in bright colors out working in the fields. On arrival to Amritsar we headed to the Wagah Border (India-Pakistan border), where they do a flag lowering ceremony every day at sunset between both countries. All the women and girls (including us) danced in the street to patriotic Indian songs while the crowd of thousands hollered and chanted and everything. Our tour guide taught us a chant to join in with the crowd too! IMG_0268

India’s Border Security Force made a big parade to the gate as did Pakistan’s, and it was quite the spectacle of strength and intimidation. Their uniforms were so outstanding and regal, I loved them. They are all friends in real life though. The flags were lowered at the same time and the officials shook hands before the gate through was closed and it was the most fun place I have ever experienced in my life. All the commotion, chanting, music, and overall excitement of how many people there were was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It was also a really awesome feeling for me and for the Indian people to be supporting their country and to be sitting in their stands at the ceremony. It was simply incredible to be there and kind of surreal to think “am I really on THE BORDER OF PAKISTAN???” As of this point in the trip, this was the highlight of it all. I absolutely loved every second of it 🙂 IMG_0298IMG_0318IMG_0276

Dancing with the women!
Dancing with the women!



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