August 4, 2015

Today we went to Jubilee Hills Public School in Hyderabad. This school is an outdoor school, so the doors open to the walkway outside. There are roughly 2,500 students enrolled, and it is K-12. We were all paired up with one mentor teacher and I have to admit I was kind of nervous. I was nervous about the language barrier with accents, and if my teacher would view me as a great teacher candidate. I worked with Ms. Mohan in 2nd and 5th grade social studies and English classes. This school was different than Ambience first in the setup. There were 40 kids per class! I was ha;f expecting it to be a zoo, but the students were all well mannered and knew what to say and when to say it. They all greeted me with “good morning Ashley ma’am” and some of them even exchanged their friendship bracelets and gifts with me for friendship day. The way Ms. Mohan ran her class was at a very quick pace. She wasted no time in getting the computer setup to start the lesson and everyone was expected to complete things quickly. We were working on a social studies lesson on natural and man-made things in the world. So we all went outside and identified rocks, leaves, motorcycles, and so on as natural or man-made. I really liked that activity as it let the students seek out their own choices in the world around them. Ms. Mohan never had to scold the class about being too loud or for getting out of hand like we do in the states, as bad as it may sound! Even when they wanted to enter the class they had to stand in the door with their arm extended and asked “excuse me ma’am may I please come in?” I took some time during their lunch to get in front of the class and ask them some questions to interact with them. Some of them include: what is your favorite part about school? What is your favorite funny movie? If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? Just fun kid-friendly questions. They absoltely loved it and everyone was blasting out of their seats wanting me to call on them. After that, they wanted to ask me things about my favorite movies, animals, what my house was like at home, what foods I like to eat in America, all kinds of fun stuff. They swarmed around the desk to talk to me and I think they really enjoy having people like us come in to learn about how they learn and they get to be exposed to someone from a  different culture than them. We went back the next day to Jubilee Hills too.

After school, we came back to the hotel where I took a nap because I was super sick this day. I was miserable but I didn’t let it show 😉 later that night we got all dolled up for dinner and a tour of the Falaknuma Palace. We all wore traditional Indian Saree’s and looked smashing! The palace was nothing less than beautiful with all the intricate work inside and out and being situated at the top of a hill, a view to die for of the city. I felt like true royalty walking up the marble stairs in my jeweled sari for dinner. After we ate a monstrous meal (way too many items to count), we took a carriage ride down to the entrance. It was like a dream come true to be at this stunning palace, in a beautiful dress, and riding in a horse carriage with the glow of the city ahead. Truly a fantastic night to be remembered.


Ms. Mohan
Ms. Mohan

IMG_0099 IMG_0101 IMG_0105 IMG_0109 IMG_0117

This is what happened when they asked me questions. A swarm at the desk!
This is what happened when they asked me questions. A swarm at the desk!


Friendship gifts from the kids
Friendship gifts from the kids
Waiting to come in the class
Waiting to come in the class

IMG_0138 IMG_0146 IMG_0158 IMG_0162 IMG_0201 IMG_4621


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