August 1, 2015

This was the earliest of all early mornings. We went to visit the Golden Temple at 3 a.m. for morning prayer. Now we were all thinking is it really going to be worth it? Wow. Wow is all I can say. It was simply breathtaking.The Golden Temple is the holiest and most sacred temple for the Sikhs as well as run by volunteers and it is truly beautiful. We had to cover completely to our ankles and wrap our heads to go in. We went this early for the morning ceremonies and to see the sacred book be carried up the procession and into the temple itself. As we came down the stairs to the temple, it sparkled and glistened in the darkness. The marble was polished and so beautiful everywhere. The procession of people going into the temple seemed like it would never end. Seeing everyone so deep in prayer and worship was incredibly moving to me. Our guide had Erin and myself sit on the stairs, put our hands out in a meditative pose and close our eyes. It was extremely calming and spiritually moving to be a part of the people there and to feel like we were in the same prayer as they were. We then got to tour the volunteer area where we drank tea on the floor, rinsed out tea bowls, and chopped vegetables with local volunteers. The whole area ran like a well oiled machine with all the hands on deck that came together for the same purpose. The Golden Temple and Amritsar will hold a special place in my heart ❤IMG_0341 IMG_0334

The sacred book
The sacred book

IMG_0362 IMG_0367 IMG_0376 IMG_4586 IMG_0386 IMG_0387


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